Yds Mini Deneme Testi

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1) People inhabit different parts of the world and
they naturally ---- different types of lives
2) In today's global business environment ----
organizational communication has a significant
impact on an organization's success
3) For decades, the U.S. education system was the
envy of the world and it was ---- for its high
number of college graduates, which in turn
helped fuel the country's post-WWII economic
4) Gross Domestic Product of the 41 ---- indebted
poor countries is less than the wealth of the
world’s 7 richest people combined.
5) Rural administrators have difficulty finding
qualified teachers who ---- the school and
community and who will stay in the job.
6) Frustration over income inequality ----- to various
protests in the United States and it ---- related
demonstrations throughout the developed world
as well.